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So You Want to Be a Financial Planner

WOW!!! I love the feeling of having a conversation while reading your down to earth book on a real life career! You’re right there with me while I learn from your terrific experience!
Celeste Palmer Claremont, California

You have opened my eyes…Your book is enlightening! I love the high quality of your eBook and the fact that it is interactive is genius. Your experience, knowledge and kindness of heart speak volumes.
Jackie Saliba Montreal, Canada

If this book had been around when I started in the business, it would have saved me years of hard knocks. Nancy Jones has a fun and entertaining style, all the while giving crucial advice for the rookie financial planner. Even veterans will learn something new. This is must reading for those who want to get profitable sooner and have a sound financial planning business. It has the three Es: Essential, Educational and Entertaining.
Katherine Vessenes, JD, CFP
President, Vestment Consulting
Shorewood, Minnesota

I want to be the first person to recommend the most helpful and “compleat” book on financial planning I have had the pleasure to read. The words that come to mind are BLUE PRINT! With this book and its resources, you can literally “build” a practise from the ground up, confident of its foundation. If you are considering Financial Planning as your future profession…GET THIS BOOK!!!!!
Kevin M. Lynch, MBA, CFP
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

Nancy draws upon the experiences of her huge network of people and condenses them into a format that is easy and get this… is actually fun to read. It is not just about facts; it actually goes into the mindsets of people who are at every level of planning. This book is brutally HONEST about the profession. Nancy dispels the myths…then goes on to show you each step of what you need to do to progress to the point at which you can call yourself a Financial Planner. This one book would have helped me the most and saved me a ton of time in starting my practice! YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK before you make the decision to jump into this profession!
Scott Dauenhauer, CFP
President, Meridian Wealth Management
Irvine, California

An immensely practical book, full of useful, relevant, and understandable information. Nancy addresses both the craft of financial planning and the tasks which comprise it. If you’re considering going into the practice of financial planning, get this book!
John L. Olsen, CLU, ChFC
Olsen Financial Group
Kirkwood, Missouri

Thank you for writing this timely book. After reading your wonderful eBook, I feel much more confidant that I understand the industry and what battles I still face in becoming a financial planner. I am attracted to the idea of counseling people to think about their dreams…what is really important to them. The vision you outlined about the future of financial planners as wise sages in people’s lives is a bold prediction, but certainly seems possible!
Margaret  Claremont, California

I am a financial planner in Germany. For months, I’ve been gathering information on the ‘Net to find out what steps I had to take to work as a financial planner in the U.S. Then I found Nancy´s book — and all the answers!
Heimo Langenbach, Diplom-Kaufmann,
Universitaet zu Koeln, Germany
(Graduate Degree in Bus. Admin., Cologne University)

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